It was may 23rd and I was there for the 1st round of Sepang Drag Race battle. The battle was actually started earlier at about 1700 but we dont want to watch those earlier and not very tempting race dont we?I went there with a bunch of new friends riding in a Satria GTi installed with Mitsubishi Evo 3 turbo engine. The ride was great, adding with the sound of its muffler and the turbo sound. Very impressive.

By the time we reached the Sepang exit from PLUS North-South highway, all the cars there are likely known as the racer’s car. I can see a Green Detomaso and a few famous-on-the-road Wiralution (Wira+Evolution). The funny thing here was, after every toll paid, each car will try to show off their car a bit by hitting the gas pedal hard and doing some screeching sound of the tires. It looks pretty much like a horse barn where they pull the gate for the horse race.

Sepang Drag Battle Round 1

Reached at SIC at about 2300 and the cark park was almost full. The owner of the Satria don’t want to gamble by parking the car on the outside due to serious cases of car thief these days. So, we happened to find ourself a way in to the car lots. The cars there were sick! You can find all the rare cars here. I cant laid my eyes off the Toyota Trueno AE86, yup, the legendary Hachiroku in the anime Initial D series. But alas, I don’t have the chance to snap pictures of it coz we are rushing to the race.

SIC @ 0200

The entrance fee was RM10 for the grandstand and RM50 for the pit-stop. At first we thought of getting inside the pit but since it is quite expensive, the grandstand was the choice. The roaring sound of the Mazda rotary engine is very scrumptious. The race is conduct in various categories but only one allows the contestant to install NOS to their cars and it is the A category. I cant recall all the cars there but I do remember a car, green Charade i suppose, had a blown engine during the race and the organizer needs to spread a type of powder to cover all the engine oil leaks on the track.

The crowd @ 0200

The crowd is very “supportive” when it comes to our national car category. You know what i mean right? I can see few parents bring their little ones to watch the race. Even a toddler at the age around 3-5 years old waking up at 0200, what the heck! They should been sleeping by now in their cradle, but Im sure they want their kids to be the next Lewis Hamilton. The final race in category A is between a Charade Aura and Mitsubishi Evo 7 and the Charade won the race. Sound unbelieveable? Believe it.

Mitsubishi engine

The engine inside the Charade Aura. It is a Mitsubishi Evo engine if Im not mistaken. The car is mainly built for track where there are only 1 seat for the driver.Well, that sounds resonable. Who wants to drive this type of car on the legal road. The whole drag race ends at around 0300. At that time, everyone can enter the pit area for free, that is how i get this picture of all cars and the engines. As we are all heading to exit the SIC, out of the blue, this car came from nowhere..

Mustang ES2

It is the Mustang ES2 with Shelby sports rims. A famous US muscle cars. Equipped with V8 engine, the car is a magnificent with its tough fine built. I dont know if there is Mustang cars in Malaysia until I saw this one. But the driver’s seat is on the left shows that it does not made for Asia and Europe region. Maybe the owner was once a students there and decide to bring his ride back to his hometown. The plate was WRQ xxxx indicate the car approx registered last years.The other car is quite stunning, Subaru Impreze, Mitsu Evo 9, Nissan Skyline GTR, Toyota Celica, you name it, its all there. Everyone is showing off their ride that night.

The night was one of the night that I dont sleep even for a sec. We went for a mamak stall for a late dinner and head up to cyber cafe for a few rounds of DoTA. By the time we went out from the CC, the morning sun is already rise for a new day…


~ by chephren on May 25, 2009.

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