May 25th, is the premier screening for Terminator Salvation a sequel from Terminators saga. I have been following the movie since I was a kid but I only manage to watch the third one, Terminator 3: Rise of The Machine on the cinema. The 1st and 2nd episode I only manage to watch it on the TV. I am not yet born during the T1 screening so the TV helps me introduce to this saga.


The Terminator

The very 1st episode of Terminator (1984). Arnold plays the evil Terminator that tries to kill Sarah Connor, mother of John Connor the future leader of the Resistance. In order to save her, John Connor from the future, send Kyle Reese who happens to be his own father. Well, this 1st saga happens to be a human vs machine movie where it is kinda unfair. Arnold has all the strength, agility and power and could easily kill Sarah while on the human race part, Kyle Reese is just a normal person sent to protect the existence of human race.


The Judgement Day

The 2nd episode of Terminator: The Judgment Day (1991). In this part, Arnold plays the role of a good robot to protect John Connor. At this time, Kyle Reese is already dead and Sarah is the one who going to protect her with the help of Arnold from Skynet’s evil robot. The Skynet is surely has the advantage because their robot are more advanced than the one send by John Connor himself.


Rise of The Machines

The 3rd sequel of Terminator: Rise of The Machine (2003), the very 1st appearance of female robot played by Kristanna Loken but alas, she was on the bad side. Arnold stays on protecting the Connors. John Connor met his spouse in this sequel, Kate. At the end of the movie, Skynet started on taking over the United States world.



The latest episode of Terminator: Salvation (2009). It is already war in this movie and the year is 2018. Skynet is already taking most of the world and began to eliminate the human race. John Connor lead the Resistance to stop them.  This movie introduced the young Kyle Reese before he was sent to save Sarah  Connor. But yet, there were no time travel machine shows in this movie. Maybe it will for the next sequel.

I personally  like all of this movies even though most of my friends don’t. It is reported that the 5th sequel will be on the cinema on 2011 and Christian Bale is already signing a contract for two more coming movies of Terminator. You can read all about Terminator here.


~ by chephren on July 15, 2009.

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