The 1st controversial entry in this blog. Is it?

My friends keep asking me why I’d quit my job during this economic crunch. My answer is simple, read my blog. I don’t want to keep saying the same thing to everyone that I meet, in fact I’ll be making stories during the explanation. So to all, this are my reasons:

My previous employer is not really took good care of his employees.
I have been with this company for almost a year and yet they don’t even fund my EPF and SOCSO. The number goes up to 2 to 3K if I did get funded. Such a big loss to me. As far as I’m concern, none of us is funded since the very 1st day of working. But they do provide it among the upper level. This is quite common for Malay companies in order to cut the cost of employee since they would need to provide at least 11% of basic monthly wages as a contribution to the employee.

Am i underpaid?
It is pretty obvious that I am underpaid. What would you do if a fresh Diploma graduate get the same pay as you are albeit you’ve been working for like 8-9 months? I mean it, a FRESH DIPLOMA graduate! I was like WTF! I just keep my mouth shut for the next few months before I quit, I don’t want to make a scene in the company as if I’ll be working there for the rest of my life. So I just do my job, as if nothing happens at all.

An incident that triggers my conscience.
During late March, I have been assigned for a job in Borneo. In order to execute the jobs there, we need to rent wheels to make it a lot easier to us. Out of the blue, we had an accident with that rented pickup truck. It is a tough moment for me, get involved in my first accident but thank Allah, everything is just fine. I am still in one piece. Just hand some bruises on my left hand and a scar on my right ear. The thing about this accident is, the company wont pay for the losses that we had and ask us to settle it all. They said it to me as if we rent the car purposely to have fun there; not doing our job. Damn! How could you stand that?

No traveling allowance at all.
My last job requires a lot of traveling but we don’t get allowances by doing so. They would just provide meals and hotels for everyday we spent on a field trip. In order to get some money out of it, me and my friends would stay in the cheapest hotel where we could find so that the extra hotel money can get into our pockets. And yet sometimes, we slept in our mobile hotel to save up money. Lending your own money during this work trip is pretty common as they would gave us the money to the very last minute that we need.

High living cost
With small salary, it is hard for to save money for emergency use. Maybe it is not fair for me to say something like this but you need to plan your future carefully these days, not jump to a job that did not promise you anything. What I can see from this job is that it suits only to whom who lives in the city not for someone who came from somewhere else. Do you get me? Let me put it this way. Your salary is so small that you need to live with your parents without spending any for accommodation.


I didn't have the chance to do this on my last day.LOL

So, these are my reasons. It can goes up to 10 but I’m just showing 5 of it due to some personal reasons. Maybe some would wonder why on a first place I took the job and stay there for a year. At first, this job was fun. I do travel a lot even though it is just locally, I have had fun by doing so. Get to see new place, new people. Out of a year, I can recall that I have been in the office for like 4-5 months only, the rest, I am traveling all around this country.

And the other reason is I do not want to have bad first impression on my CV. Jumping from a job to another would give you bad image on yourself. At least I stays there for a year. But looking back, I should not stay here that long. What done is done, right? I have to keep moving forward. Like Toyota, of course.

That’s it. I am currently looking for a new job right now. Wish me luck on my new endeavor.


~ by chephren on July 17, 2009.

One Response to “Resignation”

  1. Man… That huge…
    Maybe for someone who doesn’t know how tough to live as such we are (maybe we are in the same condition, maybe not, it just maybe anyway)…they won’t feel the hardship and the toughness that they need to be aware of…
    However the resignation reasons that you are telling here are not just for you to show some reasons to us all but also something that we need to share & aware of… Experience does helps us improve to be a better pilot of our lives…
    I do make doa for you to succeed in your current persuasion.

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