This entry should be posted earlier but due to some problems and all, up until now that it will be posted. It was somewhere in July that I started to live here. It’s been a year already.


The City

This city shows me the true picture of our own community and yet it changed me a bit. Some from good to bad and vice versa. I met a lot of people here, from the good guys who keeps their head on a mat more than 5 times per day and the bad guys who offered me some weed. This type of things are normal here and in every big city. The main thing here is you need to be tough because for those who weak, they would be left behind or maybe die trying to get rich.

For a year, I enjoyed being here apart from my disappointment of my last job, my friends always bring out the joy in me even though sometime all of them are pretty annoying.  We had a lot of happy time together and I am glad that I am part of it.


The City II

This city on the other hand, it seduces to me to think that I can have all that I wanted here but it’s not. You will surely come across some one who use shortcut in his/her path of life here. Their minds too are weak to think something like I did but it’s even worst, they did not wake up and try to face the fact.

After a year with ups and downs, I guess it is time for me to move on. Try to find a new place to start a new life and career. It was 2-3 months for me to jump to this conclusion. Everything needs to be taken care and it is not an easy decision. Maybe it is just fate for me to take this road and not almost all road you can find the U-turn sign let alone the guts to take the route.

Nevertheless, I don’t regret of what I have been through. You shouldn’t at all because it is what makes you the person you are right now. Just make sure that you don’t fall for a same lame trick again. Live life to the fullest.


The day I left

It was the end of June and I left her around 1500 heading south. It was light rain at that time. So I guess this is it. I may or may not come back, it is depends on what’s the offer but for the mean time, I would stay home rather than being here.So much love and hate for me to endure. People come and go so am I, this place would attract new explorer to come and explore their greatest strength and weaknesses. Goodbye Cosa Nostra.


~ by chephren on July 18, 2009.

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