The old name was MCS (Malaysia Civil Services) but now it is known as PTD (Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik). After 2 times taking the exam for it, I passed. The exam was held 2 times per year and the one that I’d passed was the first session for the year of 2009. It was held on Feb 21. After patiently waiting for 4 months, the 2nd letter came in for a 2nd stage assessment and it will be held in INTAN Eastern Region that is also known as INTIM.

One day before the program, I went there with a bunch of new friends that I met for just a few hours; friends with the same mission as I am on the next day. We had had a dinner together before we  discussed about topic for the Bahasa debate and the English discussion. The discussion lasts for almost 2-3 hours. A lots of new inputs I got from it, thanks to all of them. It was almost midnight when I went to sleep, in the nearest mosque.

Being held on The States Independence Day, I woke up on the next morning and prepared for the 1 day program. The place was very near to the mosque so we don’t have much problem to reach there early. By the time I reached there, the registration counter is not yet open. While waiting, we greet each other and had a few chat. At that time, I can say that the ratio between male and female is equal but it is too early to judge that.


Number 3

I managed to be the third candidate to register that morning. The first session was a talk about what is PTD is all about ranging from the job scope, responsibilities and the salary. I found myself a bit sleepy in this first session but I’d hope none of them notice me as they would evaluate us according to this big number tag hanging on our neck.



The next session is the English discussion followed by Bahasa debate. I don’t have any experience on debate at all and I don’t think I did well for that. Lunch is served there in buffet style. Better be careful on how you feed yourself as there are eyes watching you all the time. I happened to meet my seniors during high school and had some chat regard the latest news of the school. It come to my surprised that most of them had a good job already despite of their bad-mannered-attitude in the school.

After the lunch hour, all of us need to be in sports gear for the outdoor session. Just before that, we had a personality and interest test. It is a 700+ questions in 1 and a half hour. Can you imagine that? The questions is mainly about yourself so you can’t copycat the person next to you unless you are too stupid to do such thing. I had a hard time during this test as I am not that emotionally stable but lets hope for the best right?

The outdoor session is all about team work and leadership. It tests your fitness too. The weather is hot on that evening giving full pressure to all contestants. We were not allowed to wear sunglasses and cap. It lasts for almost 2 hours. My body became fatigue due to the exercises given but yet I managed to endure all of it. After that, there were last speech given by a highly-rank officer about all the tasks on that day. He said on that very day, there was this one contestant that have been through this assessment for 8 times already. He/she is one tough guy huh, never give up.

Everyone clapped as the speech finished that marked the end of the program. There were almost 300+ contestants on that single day and yet there were 3-4 other center that conduct the same event, that were being held for 6 days and out of that they were probably choose 40-50 top of the cream for each center for the 3rd and last  stage. Do the math and you will surprised with the number of probability to get in.

I headed to Kuantan directly after a glass of chilled orange juice with some new friends on the beach enjoying the nice evening breeze. Good luck to all.


~ by chephren on July 23, 2009.

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