Last weekend I went for a assessment for S41 post: Youth and Sports officer. It is the very 1st time in history they made the program on evaluating the candidates like they did for PTD and Accountant (I didn’t know they had an assessment for accountants too). It was a two days program and we are required to stay at the provided hostels in the Rakan Muda Complex. Too bad I ain’t taking pictures during this program. Too much focusing I guess and forgot to snap some pictures. This entry should be filled with pictures so it won’t be that boring.

This time, I wear number 31 for the whole program except the first UKJK test. The UKJK test is not that hard as I imagined it, a simple test that everyone can passes but not he last staggering test, a 2.4km run below 15 minutes. I managed to get done by 13 minutes. Quite good? I am good! Since the participation is not very warm; 50+ came out of 200+ called, very bad isn’t it? All of us managed to pass the UKJK test, none are need to get back home early.

After having lunch and prepared for the next session, we are split into 10’s per group. My group was 5 guys and 5 girls. Everyone is older than me except a boy and a girl. So, we went through all the activities with the same group. There are 5 activities and the first one was a problems solving. We need to discus to solve problems by giving out ideas and teamwork is very important in this part. During the night, we had a Parliamentary debate. I need to improve a lot in this. Have had problem with this type of activity since the last PTD assessment.

The next morning, our first activity was a public speaking. It was no problem at all and my topic was Information Technology. After a break, we continue with meeting simulation. This is the first time for me for such activity, never been to a meeting before. Everyone is given a post and a situation to discuss. A new experience to me. Last activity was a public speaking in Malay. My topic was Sejarah Malaysia and I need to refer to a piece of paper for facts that I extract from Malaysia Kita, thank God I’d bring this book along. The whole program wrapped at 1630.

I get some new friends here and willing to help me to find a job. Even though we know for just a day, we are quite close for the whole program. There are 4 of us and one is already married with one kid, I didn’t notice that the first time until I asked. Thanks guys for a nice weekend!

On my way back, I stopped for movies in new cinema in Kuantan. I watched 2 movies back-to-back. It was Harry Potter and The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3. Harry Potter sucks big time! I almost felt asleep during the movie and the new Denzel Washington movie is quite okay for me. Any negotiation and hijacking movie don’t have a lot of difference place for the scene but the talking that makes it looks great; how to talk and persuade in the same time in order to save life of the hostages.  I’d remember a movie, The Negotiator on 1998. A superb negotiation-crime-thriller movie. The casts were Samuel L Jackson and Kevin Spacey.

The Negotiator

The Negotiator (1998)

Most of this duo would be a Caucasian and a African-American if you can notice that. Same as The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, it was Denzel Washington and John Travolta. Travolta looks pretty fat to me. A lot of great movies to be watched this summer but alas, there’s no cinema in my hometown. I need to travel almost 300++ km for one. Can’t wait for the first G I Joe movie.


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