It is a fruit season in the whole country right now and I don’t want to miss a chance to eat lotsa and lotsa durian, the king of fruits. Some people can’t even stand the  smell due its strong odor. There’s no durian tree near or inside my lawn so I need to buy it but its cheaper here. For MYR 10, you can have at least 5-7 of it and the size is quite big for the price.



Besides durian, there is also rambutan. A hairy reddish/greenish fruit. I’d prefer the green one but there’s only 1 green rambutan tree in my lawn while the other 4-5 are reds. The fruits is so many so we decide to sell or just give it away. Practically, my job is to climb on all of these trees and pluck as many as I can. Seems like a job for this fella:


Go get me some rambutan!!

But ironically, they don’t teach this dude to pluck rambutan, just coconut and coconut only I guess. A bad luck to me. In order to make the fruit more marketable, we need its branch as well not just the fruit and tied it up with a rope. It looks more nicer this way, just like this:


Rambutan for MYR 2! Anyone?

So this is one of my job here, selling all of this before noon. It easy and its though too. Its kinda awkward to upload all of this pictures. Seriously. But nevermind, I just did. Next, lets take a look at the trees.

one tree


Some says the tree is just like apple trees but I don’t know. Never seen apple tree before. Soon this fruit season will be over and the trees will be left with leaves and branches without all the red dots.


~ by chephren on August 6, 2009.

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