Nur Kasih


Nur Kasih

A drama that hits local television network and makes everyone to sit in front of their TV set as early as 2000 every Friday. This drama is directed by Kabir Bhatia, the same director of Cinta and Sepi. I’d remember watching Cinta back in my college days. I like that movie very much that my girlfriend (at that time) was very shocked as we never been to watch local movies before plus my mindsets that are not really into local acts. It is written by Mira Mustaffa the same screenplay writer of Cinta. So, its no wonder why I like this drama right now.


Last Friday’s episode was the 11th episode and as far as I know they have only around 20+ episodes. Quite typical for local drama and not like our neighbor’s drama that can reach up too 100+ episodes. I just happen to know the figure but did not watch them at all, let alone following a series.

The casts:

Fizz Fairuz as Aidil
Remy Ishaq As Adam
Tiz Zaqyah Razak as Nur Amina
Sharifah Sofea as Katrina
Jalaluddin Hassan as Ustaz Hassan
Liza Othman as Hajah Khadijah
Umi Nazeera as Siti Sarah
Sheila Mambo as Mak Ani
Rahim Omar as Imam Abu Bakar
Ayu Raudhah as Aliya

I didn’t know any of them except the Ustaz Hassan. The synopsis at the TV3 website is actually a summary from the first to the tenth episode and it’s like half of the whole story. Can you imagine that? You might found yourself unlucky if you already read it after the first show. Here is the website.


So my synopsis for those who haven’t watch a single episode yet; it is a story of family love and affairs, a life of a 2 young man where one is good and the other is not that very good. If you are a young man and going to lead your own life soon just like me you may want to have some peek on this show or you are a girl looking for a man to lead your life, you may like this show even after a few seconds. It is quite common for a girl to like sad stories, rite?


~ by chephren on August 11, 2009.

5 Responses to “Nur Kasih”

  1. urrm…citer nie bez ler…nant2 bla dah hbis cter nie..smbung la ag ye…

  2. DVD dah kuar, rebut cepat sebelum habis stok!

  3. I love this story and I hope it will show back on the tv

  4. Ass. wbr.
    I love the “movie”, very interesting story. In Suriname the serie is being showed every tuesday, so at 18:30 hour you’ll always see me at front of the tv. I’m just curious how the story will end….I hope Nur and Adam will be together till the end of time.


  5. niceeeeeee

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