Of Bracelet And Ring

A dawn wakes everyone for prayers
Bring up some joy, pleasure and happiness
To all the people that have what they need
Money shelter cloth and food indeed

This morning I had myself look behind
To a dream that left intact and undefined
Built up from scratch and up to years
Oh, I didn’t know it is so easy to disappears

A friend in need is a friend indeed
Yet a true friend knows everything you did
Listen to a story that should not be revealed
Making a soul weak begging to be killed

Bracelet and ring is a two different thing
Yet it suppose to have a same meaning
The betrothal is just around
For a someone that I use to have in mind

Consequences came from decision that are made
I bet it was dumb, lame and late
Past is past and could never be change
No matter how, it will still be the same

Everyday is still as dark as night
I just don’t know if I have the fist to put up a fight
Another day would brings another dawn
And I hope i wont have to look back and moan

congratulation in advance..


~ by chephren on September 7, 2009.

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