It was a week before Ramadan and it  was one of the wonderful weekend I’ve ever had, well at least for the past few months. It was a last minute decision that I made to hang out with my long lost friends, friends that I have for almost 12 years. Friends that I’ve been through for 5 years in my life; my high school mates.

The road trip from my home to the vacation scene took almost 6 hours. There were 5 of us and we made a deal for a car pool to save up some money on gas. I spent my whole time in the car exploring my friend’s new gadget, an iPhone 3Gs. The phone is *** too cool but yet it does not have all basic function like a modest phone these days. When it first launch, people was like, Wtf? No video calls? Yup, there is no 3G calls for this fella. Pity. But all the other application is great! Other than that, we had a chat that we did had before 7 years ago but I found all of them are yet pretty much the same, only some minor changes. In the car, there were 3 overseas graduate and 2 locals and I bet, I’m the worst.

Well since we are among the earliest to rendezvous there, we took a detour to some Terengganu’s famous places like this one.

masjid kristal

And not to forget a recently-been-to-every-newspaper’s-front-page scene.

state stadium

I cant come any closer from this point due to tape line just like the one used in CSI. But the damages are catastrophic. I wonder how much would it take to repair this damage. It’s like half of the stadium itself, well almost. Let the state government figure that out.

Back to the first picture, the mosque is unique. It is called crystal mosque but I don’t know if it is really made from crystal. It is located right next to the state river. The interior design is just as plain as other mosque. On the outside there are guards with a pile of suits reserved for the foreigners in case the wanna peek inside, to see this attraction place.


Light from above

We reached Cherating at about 1800 and watch the sunset on the beach. It was very beautiful, a few people already walked by to their rest house at that time. And as for us, we waited there till the big hard sun is finally disappeared before our eyes and waiting for the others to come over. We had had our dinner at about 2100 before checked in the hotels. It wasn’t a hotel at all, kinda like a chalet to me with around 4-5 person per chalet. The night ends at around 0200 with the present of about 30 guys overall planning for a weekend in Cherating. Sounds pretty gay to me!

Sat, the 1st day. The 1st program was sand castle battle. Previously we were divided into 4 groups with 5-6 member per group. I have never made a sand castle before so I have to admit that our group was the worst one,along with loose and weak presentation by the so-called group leader. But its fun tho.

sand castle

Sandcastles in progress

After an hour,  all the castles are being judge by bias judges who took bribe. All the castles are being judged according to criteria that are enlisted before the game begins. It was almost noon by the time the game ended and all of us headed to our chalet due to hot and sunny day. None of us planning to have sunbath tho.

We had our lunch at a restaurant about 3 miles from the chalet. A mid-size restaurant that serve seafood. Lunch was good. We occupied most of the restaurant, leaving only some tables to the other customers. The next program was the treasure hunt. everyone needs to play the role of Nicolas Cage in National Treasure but there would be no treasure at all. Just a piece of paper that marked our next clue.


Let's get it started

My team failed again this time since the other group cheated and sent their team members to follow the other team in order to get clues faster. All the team got 5 same clues but the order of the clues are vary for each team.


Beach volley ball

On the evening, we went for a game on the beach, the beach volley ball. I’m not good tho in the game but I’m not that suck like a someone who get hit by the ball from his own bare hand 3 times in a row. Lets just not show this guy’s picture alright.


The whole game ended at around 5. It was the last main three program that were being organized. After that we went for some fun in the sea. Yeah, the Cherating beach is very tempting, seduces every one at heart to go after her since the very first day. Like I’m gonna fall for that! My hometown is just a few miles from a famous beach too.


Yeah, all of us have some fun. Doing some silly things that we use to do doing our 5 years together. Up until one of us get stung by a jellyfish. Everyone got our from the beach just after the incident. The feet, where he got stung become reddish and itchy and after a few minutes it started to swollen. Well, I don’t took the picture of that tho. The next thing was, everyone playing beach soccer until the sunset.


I guess we had all the three main events organized for this gathering. The finale for all of this is a barbecue on the beach side. Well, everybody wouldn’t want to miss this. There’s a lots a food to be grilled and fried rice complete with orange juice. The place was set as early as 1900 since everyone is *** hungry after the 1 day program.


Its makan time. Indulge! Yeah, everyone is enjoying the despite there were no proper place to eat, we just eat in the same position we’d extract away the waste food from our body. Never mind that ‘cos the food is good, the weather is perfect and the friends are forever. What could you expect more? It’s classic to have this scene, but will be more classical if it is in the school.


Prize giving ceremony to group who won and collect the highest points during the 3 activities. I just get a few Toblerone and a packet of sunflower seeds from the other group ‘cos my group was the last one. T_T Just before that we played some guessing game. Afterward, people just tend to hang out around with their best buddies during the old time, had some chat on the seaside and me in the chalet playing poker. I just knew this game about a few weeks before and I hate to say this but if you throw some money in the game, people will play more seriously rather than not playing with money around. And I like to play it seriously. Well, the night ends with me having some cards and poker chips in my hand.

Woke up at 0800 and every one was still snoring. Had a long night huh? Yeah I remember someone told me that they would be some hired stripper but I didn’t see any last night. Just a bunch of punks celebrated Malaysian Day with bikes and chicks at the local club house there. Like they knew a thing about Malaysian Day. Crap. Woke up and took some bath before went for a breakfast. My friends are all grown up, we talked about politics now, in the morning, having a cup of tea and a plate of nasi lemak. Thank God no one drink coffee yet. And we had some photography session for the day.


Since its already Sunday and some needs to go all the way to the KL for Monday job, we decided to just having lunch together and went all the way up to Kemaman and had our lunch there.


@ Warung Aziz Satar, Kemaman

And that’s it. The end of 3 days with some old friends. For me, its worth to spent almost MYR250++ to this some kind of event. We don’t see each other most of the time now but we need to keep the bond strong in every each of us. Thanks to all especially the organizer who stand up late night for this kind of events. Hope to meet u guys again next time and may this camaraderie last forever.


~ by chephren on October 4, 2009.

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  1. g4y weekend? whaaat??? no strippers??? so innocent la you guys. lol!

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