Recently it was Eid-ul Fitr and school hols for like a week. And it usually happens, most of the time, every couple in the country would take this time and made it memorable for the rest of their life; either getting married or at least an engagement. It like a mating season for the human being, well not really mate cos human being are the only creature that can mate almost anytime in a year. Lets not get too deep to that.


It was a friend of mine, on the 5th day of Eid, he officially tied a knot to this girl. The ceremony took place in his hometown, where we used to hang out together. So, I wasn’t a burden at all for me to attend despite of not having money to buy some present; I’d borrow my mom’s money to buy a present. And as a result, I was the only one who bring a present, among all the other elementary school colleague! Come on guys, share a few bucks to give this dude a break! I am not telling the world that I am noble to give a friend a present on his wedding day, it just that it shows a bit of congratulation on his important moment in life. My present was just a few bucks tho, not even hitting 10. Seriously.

And the list continues, I keep browsing through my friends’ photos in Facebook showing matrimony. In fact, it was full on my highlights menu. Some people says it is a modern-legal type of salvation. I am not stating here that I am against marriage whatsoever. Do people values marriage so much these days? You can’t even have a day without reading on newspaper or watching news on TV about divorce or the husband is cheating or the wife is having a toy boy. Not even a day. It is not like “till death do us apart” and it is more like “till I don’t love you anymore or I find someone else”. Even worst, there are more people tend to believe in same-sex marriage which is very taboo in our Eastern culture. Even in States, not all state allows that to be part of the society.

The main issues here, do we really love and care for someone that we thought we do? Maybe for some people, money is the main thing aside with the feeling. And to others would be the looks that is surely won’t last long. Not to forget to those who like to have power and fame. In the end, if it is not money, if it is not looks, and if it is not the power and fame or other stupid reason to be with someone; rest assured that you won’t regret saying “I do” on your big day!


~ by chephren on October 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Marriage”

  1. better ko amek master dlm psychiatry… ko ni mcm ade talent je… or event a counseller… ?

    Give it a try!

    & mcmne result PTD ko?

    • really? i guess i need to re brand myself, getting Masters in other field.
      the result supposedly out tomorrow but i just doubt that.

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