In reality, it is now considered as a legendary car among car enthusiasts yet some of them would label it just a metal scrap. In a manga, it already conquer most of the Gunma prefecture despite a slight loss to an Evo III and it was drove by an 18 years old boy. And in the movie, this kid role played by Jay Chou as Takumi Fujiwara, the tofu boy who delivers tofu everyday across the Mount Akina and slowly developing his driving skills. The car that he drives is Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX (AE86) or also known as Hachiroku where hachi is 8 and roku is 6 both in Japanese.


The look of this car wouldn’t made you easier to date a girl (unless she knows at least something about car) cos it is rather classic and ugly look with pop up headlights and non-aerodynamic body shape. With a standard normal aspirated 4A-GE standard engine; the top horsepower this machine can achieve is not more than 160HP. Basically, the body style/design and power are out on this little fella. So, what is most special thing for this car to be marked as a legend? Balance. That’s it, this car possess a unique ratio of power and handling that enables it to drift. With an FR layout, it will be an advantage.

Well, I personally sees this car with side “Fujiwara Tofu Shop” sticker almost everyday in my hometown. It is owned by a doctor who sometime being a touge racer. And he even have a tire sponsor while tearing apart and smoking the rubber on the road. Nice. I am a fan of this ride and I would like to have this in my garage but the fact is, this 20++ years old car would cost you more than you can imagine. Considering it is pretty rare these days and everyone is trying to be the next tofu boy, the price hike.

As a result, Toyota trying to revive the legend but with some new feature and chic design. The new Hachiroku or its new name FT86:


The front


The rear

This new ride has a 2.0 liter boxer engine not the old 4A-GE anymore. Despite using Subaru engine, it still maintain its FR layout and not changing to Impreza’s AWD layout. The design is futuristic but wait till you see the driver’s panel. The gallery is here. But this car is just a concept car and will be displayed at the 2009 Tokyo Motorshow. It may or may not have a chance being produced. BTW, the FT might stand for Fujiwara Tofu!


~ by chephren on October 12, 2009.

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