And the moment of truth has arrived, revealing himself in the midst of hope, confusion, solemnity and desperation that lingers among the competitor of a famous rat race. The tribe has spoken! And alas, I failed. Yup, after dedicating 4 months for this very risky and unpredictable thingy; I happened to lose in the end. Gosh! I don’t even picture myself writing this. I put my hope sky high, not even Superman can reach that far. He’ll freeze to death. And I am falling straight down to the earth soil, with my face in the dirt. Dammit! There ain’t no cloud to curb me from falling down? Well, I’m still in the sky tho, waiting for a cloud to catch me. FYI, its a satire for a rap line of Kanye West; reach for the stars so if you fall you land on a cloud.


A paragraph of pure exaggerating from some one who didn’t manage to get something that he wants. We didn’t always get what you wish for right? If it is, what is the point of being gratitude in life. Frankly, I am not that sad and of course I’m not happy for this thing to happen this way. I’ve put almost everything on the line for this; my life, my career progress, my pride; you name it. I put it just for this *** thing! The utmost thing would be my career progress. Well, sitting at home and doing nothing other than playing Mafia wars in Facebook; thanks to my lazy ***. Maybe I should work in a retail store or flip burgers. Yeah, later.

Say, I’m back to square now. Gonna start everything all over again. Never mind about that. The thing is, what the hell should I do now? There ain’t no plan B, seriously and I need to work on it asap. I am far left behind now in this society race. Jump start a business without a single knowledge? That is suicide! Go to college and get a master’s degree? Nah! Its always about the money. Or just wait for an offer to drop by the door? I just don’t know it yet.

So, can I have my cloud now?


~ by chephren on October 16, 2009.

8 Responses to “Despair”

  1. try lg thn depan..

  2. try lg thn depan..
    ko pi ngajar kat pusat tuisyen ker =)

  3. join la IS business,ekeke

  4. dear, can’t help but leaving you a comment.
    take some times off for the grief, but limit it.
    then clear your mind to lay out your new plan – free from any emotional distress.
    pray a lot, because when it comes to this, you only hang on to your faith in God.
    with every difficulty there is relief.

    take care.

  5. lalala…

    aku dh x sanggup baca dah lps dpt tau ko FAIL!

    OIT! Apa nk emo! Apa nk PLAN B! ???

    You already answer it!
    “There ain’t no plan B, seriously and I need to work on it asap.”

    Bukankah “seriously and I need to work on it asap.” tu bunyinya cam plan B?

    So, for plan B… which is an emergency plan that suddenly emerge… why don’t you try at somewhere you can work ASAP but at least you can obtain some penny(money) while working on plan C… contohnya kerja kt pam petronas or kerja kt kedai runcit…

    Plan C, which is to get a stable job… worthwhile isn’t it ?

    And the most important thing is DON’T GIVE UP ON PTD! I really want you to be a PTD. You already got the experience once on the whole session of PTD selection tests. Why don’t give another shot?! But if you had decided not to go for another one, the choice is yours, & not for me to define your future.


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