I haven’t write for almost a week now. Yeah, this week seems too much things need to be done in such short notice. I am unemployed but then I am busy, you ain’t see that coming didn’t u? A week ago, I went to this company for an interview, well the HR department don’t even bother to call me for at least once. She just email me the invitation. In fact, her name is pretty weird that I thought it wasn’t a person’s name. I thought it was some kind of company’s name. Dumb. This company is making sphere balls and sells them all around the globe. I am not very sure that what is the purpose of this sphere balls but the company rapidly growing throughout the continents.

See, I told you. They made this sphere balls and proudly put on of the sphere design with a stripe on their logo, next to the company name. Well, everything went well here. But I had a few humps on answering their non-technical questions. More to personality traits questions like how do you fell about…, what would you do if… and etc. Well, I am still waiting for the results to come out. Never put a high hope tho. I want to sell this sphere balls to all of my friends. BTW, do u know what the AT&T means? Am I getting dumber? This is a serious but I hope it’s not permanent brain damage to me, a result after almost half a year being unemployed. But guys, relax. It is not contagious okay.


~ by chephren on November 19, 2009.

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  1. ko tak google ke efy?:|

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