Its been a while

It has been a while since I wrote in this so-called life diary.  Well, maybe back then when I’m bored and have nothing to do and that’s the time this blog full with entries, up to once a week or even more.As of now, I managed to get myself busy with something related to computer and most of the time I just sit down in front of a PC for hours. Its quite bored at first but everybody needs a start. And I guess I’ll just grab the opportunity for the time being.

Just a few days ago, I watch this drama movie that touched me so much I nearly end up in tears. It was The L0vely B0nes.


Story about a girl who was raped and murdered and how she looked back  into the life of her families from hereafter. Its a very emotional story that shows the love of a father to his daughter. An unconditional love. The father keep trying to find the murderer but in the end, they will always slip away. The cruel world that we lived in never knows the true meaning of justice. I really like the way Peter Jacks0n portrayed the image of the kids heaven, how ships wrecked from bottles, giant sphere rolling in the sunsets and many more.  In the afterlife, all the kids there were murdered including Susie, the main character. The story will surely touch any soul. The movie was based from a novel with a same title by Alice Sebold.

This entry is kinda bit hanging isn’t? Maybe I’ll edit it later. I need to write something that is much more important, well maybe not to me but to someone else’s. Later


~ by chephren on May 1, 2010.

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  1. kindly read the book, pretty plish! phbbbbbbbt~~~!

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