This is the first post that I wrote via a superb newly received device that worth about half of my salary. But its worth it. I can fulfill my free time doing something more beneficial for the mankind like writing this blog.

Oh, btw, this a testing after downloaded apps for wordpress.

Picture above was taken after a game on Saturday morning, organized by a community that have the best player in town. Well, after all, they are the one who getting all the prizes. Its not a big deal to me coz I’m just a sub in this event. Drove out from home as early as 7 am in the weekend seems like a big loss for those work their ass out up until 6 pm every weekdays.

Last night I watched a movie on my laptop, 2009 Sherlock Holmes, indeed a good movie. I wonder is there anyone who is a brilliant as him with his intuitive senses. He could figure out just almost everything. And please I hope it would the next movie as in the end there’s a little hint for a 2nd chapter.


~ by chephren on November 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Device”

  1. woh, kecikkan ler picture. bapak beso.

  2. salam… lama x dgr khabar… ape khabar? keje mn skrg?

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