A journey to nowhere

It was a fine sunny day. I saw you alone in your car and crying. I stopped and give out a hand for you to reach. So that I would at least made you stop crying. You let me in your car and we went for a few miles. You told me your story and I listened attentively. I knew it should be someone else in your car but not me. I was just a passenger in the car, not that someone who can shift the pedal and steer the steering. Maybe I supposed the time will come where it is just me and you in the car and I can drive the car without anybody else in between.

I sit at the back most of the time, whenever we reach a junction, it wasn’t me who decides which turn do we make; it is always someone in front of me. I kept telling myself that the time will come and this person won’t be in the seat in front anymore. I believe it. You did reach out your hand to the seat at the back sometimes so that I know and you are belongs to me. It was just a matter of time.

As time passed, I kept waiting at the back seat. The person in front of me is still there. I guess it is time for me to get out of this car and never returns but you stopped me. You beg me to stay and I did stay even though I am not yet able to drive the car. After a while, out of the blue, there is someone else at the back seat. And suddenly you asked me to leave the car. I was dropped at a place that I don’t familiar with and I can see things changes from far. Maybe it is time for me to start walking back to nowhere. And the walking finally starts again after a year hopping in a car that doesn’t belong to me.


~ by chephren on November 1, 2012.

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