The Composer

Well, first and foremost, the name is Hafiz, one of common names these days and yet I am proud that I am one of them. To me this is a place to express my feeling, thought, opinion and share new knowledge for the good of humankind. Other than that, it is like a digital journal to me that I can update regularly, wherever and whenever.

For those who knows me, I am glad to know u. Thank you for visiting and enjoy reading. But if you find the entries makes you sick and makes you wanna puke, please close it immediately. Some of the entries may not suit your soul as we walked a different paths in this world since we were born. I am not trying to tell the whole world that I am happy, I am sad, guilt, sorrow and what not. I just want to write and when I look back and read what I wrote, I can feel that I grown up to be someone. You feel me?

But anyways, thanks for dropping by. Have a nice day!


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